Search Weather Dialog


30,000+ Weather files from and are gathered here. To easily find data relevant to your site, simply type in the name of the city.


If a file is available locally, the Source column will display “LocalFile”. Else it will require an internet connection to access that weather data.

Once a weather file is selected, click the “OK” or “Download” button to either load the file if it was already downloaded as a local file or download and load it from the respective source.

Filtering for type and location

The drop-down menu next to the search bar filters for the type of weather data. By default, it is set to only display TMYx.2004-2018 data as those are the most up-to-date and should be used for most analysis. More options are available by expanding the drop-down.


The search will try to match every sub-string separated by space. The search is always case insensitive. It searches across both the Location, Country, and Data Type fields.


Add to Favorites

Click on the star to add/remote from the favorites collection. Add most used files to the favorite collection to easily find them.


Sort any of the columns by clicking on the column headers

Load a downloaded .epw file

click on the file button on the right of the drop-down menu to load a local file.