Learning ClimateStudio

Watching the short video tutorials on the Solemma web site will get you up and running with ClimateStudio in less than an hour.

Most new users learn ClimateStudio through the graphical user interface (GUI) within Rhinoceros 3D. However, if you prefer working in Grasshopper, we have prepared dozens of GH definitions to get you started quickly.

Begin with the 3 minute Interface Overview. After that you are ready to explore any of the workflows:

Start using ClimateStudio by opening Rhino and look for the ClimateStudio toolbar.


If the toolbar is not there, type ‘toolbar’ into the Rhino command line and check its visibility. Once visible, the toolbar can be floated or docked as a panel. Clicking on any of the workflow buttons will launch the Workflow Panel, which can also be floated or docked.