Point-in-Time Illuminance

This workflow supports the calculation of illuminance distributions for electric lighting and/or daylight at specific moments in time.

Simulation Setup


To prepare a model for simulation, work your way through the six subpanels labeled 1-6 in the figure above.

If you have not done any lighting simulations in ClimateStudio, it is recommended that you initially go through the Lighting Model Setup video tutorial (5 minutes). The Rhino file used in the tutorial is available for download.

Once all required inputs have been populated, a simulation is invoked by pressing the start button (10). ClimateStudio uses a progressive path-tracing version of the Radiance raytracer to simulate illuminance distributions. While a simulation is in progress, traced light paths accumulate until the user-specified number of passes has been reached. Details on the simulation settings can be found by opening the settings dialog (11).

Simulation Results

Upon completion of the first pass, or upon loading a saved result, the results panel will show a dashboard with the mean and median illuminance for all simulated floor areas.


At the top of the panel, an info dialog (12) reports simulation inputs, while a CSV export (13) saves results to an Excel-readable format. At the bottom, a legend and settings menu (14) provide options for customizing the falsecolor display, which is shown in the Rhino viewport: