Energy Sources and Emission Factors


This panel sets global energy sources and emission factors for Thermal Analysis. (This information used to be entered at the zone level.)

Double click on cells in Fuel Name, PE, CO2, and Price columns to edit values.

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Default Value Sources

PE and CO2 emission references `ANSI/ASHRAE/ICC/USGBC/IES Standard I89.I-2020`_ Table 7.5.2 Source Energy Conversion Factors and CO2e Emissions Factors. and Table 5-2b Primary Energy Conversion Factors

Prices are highly volatile and region dependent. Our values reference NYSERDA energy annual prices. Default prices are from New York State Residential Energy Prices in Nominal Dollars from the year 2018 with the exception of Coal and Gasoline prices. Coal price is from 2007 adjusted to 2018 dollar value based on GDP deflator. The gasoline price is from 2022 New York State Weekly Motor gasoline prices for Dec. 2022 Statewide converted into $/kWh based on the assumption of 113.45 btu/gallon energy density of Gasoline as reported by National Service Center for Environmental Publications Fuel Economy Impact Analysis of RFG.

Diesel is assumed to be equavalent to Fuel Oil (distillate) from ASHRAE table.

Wood Pellets The PE factor is assumed to be 1.1 and the CO2 conversion factor is assumed to be 0 (wood from sustainable sources with 0 carbon emissions).


Electricity CO2 varies depending on country and region.

Electricity Prices

Fuel Prices