Custom Radiance Material

ClimateStudio allows you to set up your own Radiance materials via BSDFs and .rad files and use them in conjunction with the Default library that comes with ClimateStudio. Please note that you need to be familiar with the Radiance material modifiers to use this option.


Use library dropdown (1) to switch between different custom libraries.

Reload (2) a library to pull new changes of library files.

Manage your custom libraries with the library button (3).

The radiance definition (4) is shown in the text box.

Materials in this library are shown in the table (5), click on one to select.

Defining a Custom Library

Step 1: Create a Library Directory

Create a directory in which you want to store your custom Radiance materials, e.g. C:\tmp\MyCustomRadianceMaterials.

Step 2: Create a Radiance Material File

An example file for a bright red material can be downloaded from here. Download and copy the file into your library directory.

Step 3: Link the Material Library to ClimateStudio

Click on the library button (3) to open the custom library manager window:


Click on the “+” button (6) to add a library, navigate to the library directory you created and select the entire folder.

To remove a library, select the library and click on the delete button (7).

A list of your loaded libraries are shown in the table (8). These will be the options available in the library dropdown (1).

Step 4: Select Your Custom Library and Assign a Material

Exit the custom library manager and select your material library in the library dropdown (1). Click on one of your custom materials in the table (5) to select it then click the “Select” button on the bottom.